Exclusive to only 100 corporate memberships. With an annual investment of just $30,000, you unlock our
Wealth Management Mastery Series studies and thought leadership tools and become a member of
the Wealth Management Consortium.

This membership is a catalyst for collaboration, innovation, and organic growth.
Arm your executive team and financial advisors with winning insights. Secure your membership today and step into the world of wealth management mastery.

Exclusive to only 100 members, the Founders’ Club provides access to Wealth Management Mastery Series
studies for just $30,000 annually. It will equip
your executive team and financial advisors
with insights that will drive net new organic growth
in assets under management.

Don't miss this opportunity to revolutionize your wealth management business.

The Wealth Management Mastery Series consists of three components: High-Net-Worth Investor Wisdom, The Wealthy Elite and Financial Advisory Mastery. This service gives financial services executives the comprehensive insights that will enhance their already-successful businesses and drive net new organic growth in assets under management.

The Wealth Management
Mastery Series

Investor Wisdom

The Wealth Management
Mastery Series

Financial Advisor

The Wealth Management
Mastery Series

The Wealthy Elite

Accelerate Organic Growth with Our Comprehensive Thought Leadership Tools
As a member of the Consortium underwriting our research, you have full license to use our comprehensive thought leadership tools. These tools are ready for your keynote presentations, articles, webinars, podcasts and for training your financial advisors. Boost visibility, drive engagement, and position yourself as a thought leader in wealth management mastery. Leverage these tools, built from our key findings, to translate research into actionable steps and accelerate your journey toward your net organic growth goals. Citing CEG Insights when using these resources fulfills your obligation and reinforces the authority and credibility of your communications.
Published Articles for Repurposing
Our thought-provoking and informative articles, published in Financial Advisor Magazine, delve deeper into the key findings from each study in the Wealth Management Mastery series. These articles give you and your advisors a profound understanding of industry trends and best practices. Importantly, you have our permission to repurpose these articles using artificial intelligence as a foundation for your publications. Please ensure to cite any charts or tables from CEG Insights that you use in your repurposed content.
Thought Leadership Portal
Your all-encompassing platform for thought leadership resources and tools, this portal supports you in refining your presentations and communications for optimal audience connection. With our resources, you can stay current with wealth management trends and best practices, enhancing your competitive advantage. Delve into the Thought Leadership Portal and enhance your communications and outcomes.
The Play to Win Special Report
The concise distillation of each research study from the Wealth Management Mastery series provides specific, actionable strategies for advisors to increase their success. Keeping your advisors updated on the latest wealth management trends and best practices is essential. Empower your advisors with this report and enhance their ability to serve high-net-worth clients more effectively. This report is your gateway to equipping your financial advisors with the crucial findings from the Mastery series.
Customizable Webinar Assets
Our webinar resources for each study, including a slide deck, script, and pre-recorded webinar, are designed to serve as foundational material to repurpose in educating your advisors on research findings and best practices. Each webinar is engaging, informative, and actionable, providing a solid base for you to create presentations that will empower your advisors to accelerate their success. Utilize these resources to enhance performance and client service and drive your team's success to new heights.
Play to Win Keynote Slides
These slides offer a visually dynamic and powerful medium to convey key insights from the Wealth Management Mastery series. These slides are a crucial educational asset for advisors, keeping them abreast of industry trends and best practices. Advisors can also utilize these slides with clients and prospects to clarify essential concepts and stimulate action. These are the PowerPoint slides from the Play to Win report, available for use in any presentation with appropriate recognition of CEG Insights.
Fireside Chat and Podcast Interview Guide
Our meticulously crafted guides help financial service executives confidently prepare for interviews, with a specialized focus on showcasing their expertise. These guides offer recommended questions and compelling responses, enabling you to discuss research findings and best practices confidently. Empower your financial advisor audiences to thrive by sharing expert insights and establishing yourself as a thought leader. Leverage these guides to amplify your appearance and elevate your industry profile.
Mastery Series Infographics
Our infographics deliver clear, concise overviews of the critical findings from each report in the Wealth Management Mastery series. They are a practical resource for sharing these insights with your team and advisors. Advisors can then share them with clients and prospects to help them understand investor best practices.
Dynamic Social Media Toolkit
Our toolkit offers a comprehensive range of pre-crafted tweets, Facebook posts, and LinkedIn updates. These assets allow you to effectively promote the research and educate your advisors on the latest industry trends and best practices. In addition, these social media assets are engaging, informative, and shareable, potent tools for brand promotion and visibility. Leverage this toolkit to amplify your brand's presence and influence in the digital space.
Wealth Management Consortium
Step into the exclusive circle of the Founders' Club and unlock your membership to the Wealth Management Consortium. This isn't just a membership—it's a launchpad for collaboration, innovation, and organic growth in the wealth management industry.

As a Consortium member, you become part of a dynamic community that convenes monthly for virtual Consortium strategy sessions. These sessions are your platform to discuss the latest research, share success stories, and learn from the experiences of your peers. You'll also have a voice in guiding future research, ensuring it remains relevant and beneficial to your needs.

Your membership equips your executive team and financial advisors with the insights they need to excel. You'll gain access to our Wealth Management Mastery Series studies and thought leadership tools, empowering your team to stay abreast of industry trends and best practices.

In 2024, we're taking our collaboration to the next level with a two-day Wealth Management Consortium conference. This event will provide an unparalleled opportunity for networking, learning, and strategic discussions.

The Wealth Management Consortium is more than a membership—it's a partnership in growth and success. So, secure your place today and join a community of leaders committed to driving success in the financial services industry.
Success Stories of Financial Advisors
The following showcases the transformative power of CEG Insights in wealth management. Here, we share the inspiring journeys of financial advisors who have harnessed our research and tools to deliver exceptional value to their clients. From strategic partnerships to niche market mastery, these stories highlight the practical value of CEG Insights membership. Discover how our insights have empowered advisors to achieve remarkable growth and success in their practices.
Taylor Ranker's Transformation:
A CEG Insights Success Story
Discover how Taylor Ranker, leveraging CEG Insights, created a successful enterprise catering to high-net-worth individuals, with the recent trio of clients each averaging a net worth of $60 million.

Read more.
Lisa Kirchenbauer: Mastering Estate
Settlement with CEG Insights
Witness the transformative power of CEG Insights through the success story of Lisa Kirchenbauer, who has seen her firm's revenue increase by nearly 20% annually.

Jesse Abercrombie: Mastering
Niche Market Success
with CEG Insights
Matt Nordmann: Delivering
High-Net-Worth Solutions
with a Virtual Family Office
Jesse Abercrombie, guided by CEG Insights, built a thriving practice serving business owners in the commercial construction industry, demonstrating his ability to deliver value and advocate for his clients' best interests.

Matt Nordmann's innovative approach to serving high-net-worth clients through a Virtual Family Office, guided by the strategic insights from CEG.

Unprecedented Growth with
Join the Founders' Club ranks and gain exclusive access to the Wealth Management Mastery Series. This is your key to a treasure trove of in-depth research, insightful strategies, and actionable tools that will empower you and your advisors to excel in the competitive landscape of wealth management. This is more than a membership—it's your opportunity to transform your business, exceed your goals, and set new benchmarks in the industry. So don't just stay ahead of the curve—be the curve. Schedule a call with our experts today and discover how our series can catalyze your growth trajectory.


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